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Tracy Cantu

Executive Director

Rev. Joseph Munoz

President of the Board

Advisory Board Member

Kaydin Robertson

Program Director

Agency Relations Director

Dr. Rick Barrera

Vice President of the Board


Judge Joe Benavides

Board Member

Lynn Comacho

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Alex Heatherly

Board Member

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About Our Founder
Minnie Munoz

Herminia “Minnie” Munoz graduated from Del Mar College with an Associates Degree in Social Work and Howard Payne University with a degree in Theology. After growing up in the Corpus Christi community, experiencing the inequality within schools first-hand, and again seeing this trend arise in her community as an adult, Munoz founded the Educating Children’s Future Community Center in a single room of the Emmanuel Christian Fellowship church. 

The program relied on the goodwill of churchgoers and volunteers to provide these students with the support, time, attention and supplemental education they needed to be successful in their educational paths. Many of these students did not have a parent or guardian that could help them complete homework assignments, study for tests, or communicate and advocate for them with their teacher(s) because of a language barrier or other circumstances. E.C.F.’s After School Tutoring Program provided this for these students. 

Eventually, the program grew to operate within C.C.I.S.D. elementary schools. E.C.F. tutors and staff are now able to work with students’ teachers directly to ensure students are receiving exactly what they need out of tutoring. Several education majors from Del Mar College and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi now tutor these students as part of a mutually beneficial internship program. This means E.C.F. is working with Education majors learning the newest techniques and teaching strategies, who then bring this to tutoring. 

Minnie Munoz passed away unexpectedly in late September of 2021. She was a beloved wife, mother of four wonderful children, grandmother of seven, and inspiration to the countless lives she touched throughout her life. This program was Minnie Munoz’s absolute passion, as she saw it grow and impact countless students in the coastal bend region of Texas.


E.C.F. Community Center could not have made such a positive impact on its students’ lives over the years without the hard work and dedication of its founder, Minnie Munoz, and all of its supporters, board members and staff.

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These are the hardworking and dedicated individuals who allow E.C.F. to run!

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